Intelligent Design

I’ve just released my latest game, Intelligent Design, check it out! Tasked with bringing life to a barren world can you intelligently design a balanced ecosystem? It is up to you to create species of plants, herbivores and carnivores but ultimately how much control do you really have in an ever evolving ecosystem? Intelligent Design […]


I finished a javascript version of ordo a few weeks ago, check it out OrdoJS …there are some hidden puzzles to find, some guys on reddit have been trying to figure them out but haven’t found everything yet.

Reaching Wider Summer University 2015

Here are all the resources for the first two weeks of Engineering Reaching Wider Summer University… Day 1 powerpoint – Overview of course and some specifications of the rocket motors Check list of tasks each group needs to complete Physics Toolbox Presentation C6-3 Rocket Specification Sheet AeroDoodle – On-line fluid dynamics simulator On-line database of […]

A parallel-ish version of modified cuckoo search

I’ve had some requests for a parallel version of the MATLAB implementation of my optimisation algorithm modified cuckoo search. Since google project hosting is closing down soon I need to post it here, you can download it at the bottom of the post. In the near future I’ll be migrating the code over to something […]

Teaching discovery

On my way into work this morning I was listening to the infinite monkey cage Radio 4 podcast and the topic was serendipity in science. They talked a lot about how big discoveries have been made by accident experimenting and exploring with no clear aim, graphene was an example they mentioned.  Eventually the topic was discussed […]

What’s a mesh?

Most of my friends know I work on meshing and every so often I get asked the question ‘What’s a mesh?’ The easiest way to answer this is to make a mesh.  Lets start with a bunch of points, which we usually call nodes.   Then lets connect those nodes together with lines, making sure none […]